Monday, April 2, 2007

to my poet

I have, for years now, been madly in love with an older man.
He told me I was special and that I could be what I would be.
he made me laugh and cry and giggle like a child.
Alas, he is married..lives far away and loves his wife and that is as it is meant to be..
But I can revel in his words.
The Man is poet RIC MASTEN
and i recommend this site to every one
to Ric: you know the first to images refer to Let It Be A Dance,
the third is hoping you'll be tickled.

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My name is Sherrie and I hate computers!!! It has taken me all day to get this far in putting together a blog site so i can share my work in some of the challenges. I'm in my 50's and am from Fort Worth, Texas. I was a member of LRY (if you don't recognize the title ignore it) and many of the people I met there are major influences in my life. I am short and round and am feeling my years but not all in bad ways. I find I like mentoring young people and am finding my grooves in my art, finally! The women in my family tend to figure things out later in life. I live in a rural area in Florida and really enjoy it here. I'm trying to put together a studio in my shed out back but it is slooooow going.Out here in the sticks there has been a new surprise every month so far for 2 years. A new flower blooms, a crepe myrtle thought dead blooming, finding a passion flower vine, or the huge FAIRY HOLE in my great big live oak out back. We made it thru the eye wall of hurricane Charley in '04 and are getting it together finally. Now that I am not working at retail any more I am finally working with my creative side, which unfortunately hasn't paid as well, but is so much more satisfying.